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Brief Introduction of Baling Machine

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The Working Video of the Baling Machine

This silage baling machine is to preserve green and juicy green fodder (fresh corn straw, pasture, etc.) under anaerobic conditions (by microbial fermentation). At present, silage has been widely used in animal husbandry all over the world. It is an important machine for feeding ruminant livestock (cow, cattle, sheep, deer, horse, donkey, etc.).




How to Install a Baler Machine?

First, the installation of the pussy porno ,silage baler machine.
The red chip of the silage film is facing up and then fixed on the film conveying frame. Then you should use a fixture to adjust its angle. The distance between silage films should be proper. If the distance is too wide, it can be adjusted by two screws under the conveyor.

eroitic sex,Second, place the rope to pass through the hole in the machine.

aunt pornhub,Third, connect the wires. You should connect the three-phase electric wires to the inside of the control box. There are two-time adjusters including conveying rope and baling, which can be adjusted.

Fourth, the installation of the air pump. Connect the air pump motor to the power supply. Connect the air pipe to the machine, and open the vent switch. The air pressure during the operation should maintain between 0.6 and 0.8Pa.
Check all parts of the machine carefully before use and confirm that the machine is running in the right direction.

Working Principle of Baler Machine

1. The operator uses the shovel to put the straw into the inlet.
2. After several minutes, the bundles will be finished under the force of ropes.
3.The user pushes the bundles forward and then presses a button, bundles will be baled automatically.


Technical Parameter

Model TS-55-52
Motor 5.5KW
Dimension 1600x1450x1060mm
Weight 380kg
Operating speed 30-50bundles/h
Bale weight 30-90kg
Coated layer 2-4 layer
Coated efficiency 12seconds/bale 2 layers……
Weight of Coated machine 135kg
Baling type Round shape with film for long time storage
Raw material Suitable for nearly all kinds of silage, straws of wheat, rice, soybean, corn, etc fresh or dry


Main Structure of the Baler Machine

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Baling part
The forage is fed into the working chamber of the baler quickly, uniformly, and evenly for compression. When the weight of each bundle reaches about 80kg and the signal wheel rotates at a constant speed, the winding clutch handle is pulled and the rope can be used for baling.
After baling, the rope is cut, and the user starts up the opening handle to make the bundles come out. In this way, the bundling process is completed.


Wrapping part
The bales of the baling machine are placed on the two parallel belts of the wrapping machine, and the wrapping switch drives the bales by rotating the frame to rotate. The bales stretch the plastic film to wrap automatically. Then, users can set the number of coating layers(2 to 4 layers).


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