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type one

Brief introduction of corn planter

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corn planter
corn planter

cubby sex,Two persons are needed when operation, and it is easy to use and operate. The green axis outside the storage bin of the seeder control the seed dropping and screws off the green axis can change the storage bin. The spacing of sowing depends on the speed of operator.

corn planting machine
corn planting machine
maize planter
maize planter

Technical parameter of corn planter

Name Seeder machine
Model TZY-100
Capacity 0.5acre/h
Size 1370*420*900
Weight 12kg

Working principle of corn planter machine

  1. The front person pulls the belt of the front wheel, and the back person pushes the machine to control the direction.
  2. Soil digger firstly digs the soil within certain depth.
  3. Then the seeds inside sowing device fall down the ground gradually following with the movement of two operators.
  4. Finally, the back little wheel covers the seeds by soil.
corn planter
corn planter


Advantage of corn planter machine

  1. Planting corn machine can plant many crops such as Corn, bean, peanut, wheat.
  2. Corn planter for sale is light in weight and easy in operation.
  3. The seeds drop into the field evenly and have high survival rate.
  4. It is easy to change the seed sowing bins so as to plant different crops.
  5. Its structure is simple, which enable it easy to install and disassemble.
  6. Most important, this manual corn planting machine has low price, and everyone can afford it.
corn planter

type two:Hand push wheel-type corn planter machine

Product style: 6 models (optional)
Seeding depth: 3.5–7.8 cm.
Seeding amount: 1-3 corn seeds (adjustable)

corn planter

Application: This corn planter abandons the traditional planting modes, and machine can directly inject the seeds into soil. One person can plant 6-8 acres per day with one machine, and the seeding efficiency is increased by three times. It has the characteristics of accurate sowing, neat seedling. What’s more, it is easy to operate with high working efficient.,xxx koriya

corn planter

1. this type corn planter machine has special teeth design that is easy to move in the field due to light weight.
2. Convenient operation. One person can finish all the processes.
3. It is suitable for different areas such as mountains, hillside and terrace etc.
4. Precision seeding. The seedling has high survival rate.
5. Wide application: it can plant be corn, soybeans, etc, and the diameter of seed ranged from 3mm to 15mm.
6. Low price. This corn planter is very cheap, and all farmers can afford it

corn planter
corn planter

A successful case of corn planter

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corn planter delivery news
corn planter delivery news

FAQ of corn planter

  1. Can corn seeds mix with fertilizer?

No, you can’t, fertilizer will damage the corn seedlings,xxx koriya

  1. What does this corn planter machine apply for?

ladies tits,Corn, bean, peanut, wheat.

  1. How many people are needed during operation?

2 person.,potn hub

  1. Why does one planter can plant different crops?

Because the seeds sowing device can be changed according to the size of different crops.,hd sex vidos

  1. Can I control the sowing speed?

Yes, of course.,mom son fuck

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