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  • Nursery seeding machine

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    The nursery means cultivating seedlings. It refers to the cultivation of seedlings in nurseries, hotbeds, or greenhouses for transplanting to…

  • rice nursery seedling machine

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    The rice nursery seedling machine is specially used for raising seedling rice. The design of the fully automatic rice seedling…,youprn

  • Use scene of plug seedling machine


    A plug seedling machine is a special machine for cultivating seedlings of fruit and vegetable forests. The use of nursery…,thai handjob

  • drunk babes

    TZY-79 nursery seeding machine parameter: Model TZY-79 capacity 300-800trays/hour Precision >97-98% principle Electrical and air compressor Size 3600*800*1300mm Weight 350kg…,x xxx movies

  • rice transplanter


    animl pron,What is the Walk-behind rice transplanter? The walk-behind rice transplanter is also a kind of rice transplanter. The difference from…

  • Bagging machine7

    Brief introduction of 2 row rice transplanter It is 2 row rice transplanter machine and needs to be used by…,xxx sxs

  • peony transplant (7)

    pussy tattoo,Transplanter machine is used to plant cucumber, eggplant, cabbage,pepper, sweet potato, peony, onion, sugar beet and other vegetables, and Chinese…

  • eve angel

    sibling sex,Type one: 8-row planting rice machine Brief introduction of 8 row rice transplanter 8 row rice transplanter has a big…

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