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The sesame washing and peeling machine is professional equipment in the sesame peeling process. And its main purpose is to soak, peel and separate the skin and kernel. When sesame as food provides protein resources for humans, it usually needs to be peeled. The peeled sesame has a smoother taste. And it is easier for people to absorb the nutrients of sesame. The machine is simple to operate, affordable, and saves manpower. It is an indispensable helper for people.,porn sex net

The Introduction of Sesame Cleaning and Peeling Machine

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Sesame seed peeling machine
Sesame seed peeling machine

The Working Principle of Sesame Peeling Machine

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Firstly, soak the sesame seeds in water or hot water with a certain amount of caustic soda. Because the latter will reduce the soaking time. Then pouring the soaked sesame seeds into the mixing bucket of the sesame seed peeling machine. And then the reducer drives the mixer to rotate.,ses vidos

thick girls,Due to the structural characteristics of the compound stirrer, the materials are circulated up and down, so the sesame and the foaming liquid are mixed evenly and fully. The relative friction between the stirrer and the sesame, between the sesame and the sesame, separates the sesame skin from the kernel. So you can achieve the purpose of sesame peeling.

porn sex net,Using the retention effect of the separating sieve plate, the sesame skins are separated and discharged, while the sesame kernels are retained, so as to achieve the purpose of separating the sesame skin kernels.

compound agitator
compound agitator
Drain valve
Drain valve

The Process Steps of Sesame Seed Peeling and Cleaning Machine

Material: 60-degree Celsius water 80-120KG, dried sesame seeds 40-60KG, flake caustic soda 1-1.5KG,indian xxnn

  1. Add flake caustic soda to hot water, then add dried sesame seeds and stir evenly, soak for 10-13 minutes, finally remove and drain.
  2. When the sesame seed peel machine is turned on, add the drained sesame seeds and peel for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Add about 1/3 of the water (sesame: water=3:1) to the cleaning bucket to prevent the sesame skin from clogging the mesh. Start the operation, and then open the gate of the peeled bucket, so the sesame enters the cleaning bucket. When the sesame seeds cannot be automatically poured in the later stage, open the water valve to flush out the remaining sesame seeds.
  4. Stir in the cleaning bucket for 5-10 minutes, and check that the sesame peel and sesame kernel are separated clearly. Slightly open the bottom drain water valve, and open the water inlet valve in equal amounts to drain the sesame peel with water. After about 5-10 minutes there is no sesame peel at the drain water outlet, close the drain valve and open the discharge gate.
  5. The kernel rate is 80-85%. The peeled sesame contains about 30% water.

Sesame seeds do not need to be peeled when grinding sauce and squeezing oil, and When used in the food industry should be peeled.,big back sex

The Purpose of Peeling Sesame

Sesame is not peeled in general oil production, but it is best to peel it when eaten directly. The reason is that the content of fiber and oxalate (2%~3% calcium oxalate chelate) in the seed coat or stratum corneum of sesame seeds is high. So its oil and sesame meal cannot be used as human protein resources and can only be used as feed for cattle.,fuq tube

The Wide Application of Peeled Sesame

sex cam com,Peeled sesame has a wide range of applications, mainly in food and catering-related industries. Such as bread, burgers, biscuits, Shaqima, tahini, sesame oil, flour cakes, etc.

The Application of peeled sesame
The Application of peeled sesame

Installation and Maintenance of the Sesame Seed Peeling Machine

  1. When installing the sesame peeling machine for the first time, it must be close to the water source, power source, and good drainage facilities.
  2. Turn on the power and check if the equipment is operating normally.
  3. The inlet pipe is connected to the water source. If the pressure of the water source is not enough, the water pump needs to be increased.
  4. Clean up equipment residues after daily use. Rinse the surface of the separating screen with water. If it is clogged, use a high-pressure water gun to rinse.
  5. The reducer should change the oil regularly.

Other Applications of Sesame Cleaning and Peeling Machine

veporn,net,A sesame seed peeling machine can also be used to peel pumpkin seeds. The principle of pumpkin peeling is the same as that of sesame peeling, and the same machine is used. It’s just that different people will call different names. Some people will specifically call him a pumpkin seeds dehulling machine. So let’s take a look at how the pumpkin is peeled, and the effect of peeling.

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